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We are proud to offer the Best Traditional Chinese Meridian Massage CALL TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT!

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We are proud to offer the Best Traditional Chinese Meridian Massage CALL TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT!

Massage Services & Pricing

Massage has been proven to have multiple positive effects on the body. Stress relief, muscle loosening, lower back pain relief, all of these are what can result from getting a relaxing massage from a professional massage therapist. At Comfy Spa, we are able to provide quality and relaxing massages in a soothing and calm environment, meaning you can enjoy yourself in the most relaxing setting possible. From the moment you step into our spa, to the moment you step out, you will be cared for and looked after by professionals who know exactly how to make you feel welcomed and relaxed. When you receive a massage from one of our massage therapists, you will truly see the difference a professional pair of hands can make! We offer soothing Chinese Meridian massages and relaxation massages, as well as body scrubbing, reflexology, and cupping

Chinese Meridian Massage

30 min – $40.00
45 min – $50.00
60 min – $60.00
90 min – $90.00
Deep Tissue Sports Stretch Wellness Massage

Relaxation Massage

30 min – $40.00
45 min – $50.00
60 min – $60.00
90 min – $90.00
Enjoy a soothing Aromatic Massage Incorporating Swedish & Lomi Lomi Massage

Body Scrubbing

45 min – $75.00


60 min – $50.00


30 min – $40.00

Nail Care Services & Pricing

At Comfy Spa, we offer quality nail treatments that are conducted by professionals every time. Our nail services include manicures, pedicures, French polishes and other long-lasting polishes, toenail trimming, polish gel changes, nail art design, and more. All of our nail services are conducted by professionals with plenty of industry experience, so you can be sure they know what they’re doing when it comes to your nails! If you are looking for quality nail services at competitive prices, Comfy Spa is the right destination for you. We believe in making you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible, so you can be sure of a quality and calming experience every time you visit us. Keeping your nails not only looking great, but also feeling great is one of our biggest goals at Comfy Spa, and we hope you can visit us soon and experience this all for yourself!

Service $
Manicure 22.00
Pedicure 35.00
Manicure & Pedicure Special 48.00
French Polish +7.00
Long Lasting Polish 23.00
Toe Nail Treatmming 20.00
Regular Polish Change 12.00
Polish Gel Set
Including manicure and gel removal
Polish Gel Pedicure Set 45.00
Polish Gel Off 10.00
Polish Gel Off + Manicure 25.00
Polish Gel Change 25.00
UV Gel extensions full set 60.00
UV Gel Refill 40.00
UV GEL Remover 20.00
Design Nail Art 25.00
and up
Get Nail Fixed 5.00

Ruby Nails

Eyes lash Extensions $
Classic Extension New Set 79
Natural Volume 2D New set 99

Natural Volume 3D New set




Removal with Service


Removal without Service

Artificial Nail Extension $
Acrylic New Set 35
UV Gel New Set 48
Solar Gel New Set 48
BIO Gel 48
Add gel color or shellac
           + extra per service

Waxing & Tinting

Are you tired of always having to resort to shaving when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair? Comfy Spa can provide regular waxing treatments that are an excellent alternative to shaving, meaning you will no longer need to pick up a razor every couple of days. Instead, Comfy Spa can provide you with waxing that is extremely effective at keeping unwanted hair at bay for longer periods of time. We aim to make your waxing appointment as professional and comfortable as possible with our expert service, so that you can feel relaxed and confident when you come in for your waxing appointment. Though the waxing process can be unpleasant, the results are well worth it; smooth skin for a much longer period of time than shaving can provide. Our waxing services include but are not limited to the following areas: full face, full arm, half arm, underarm, full leg, bikini line, Brazilian bikini, eyebrows, lips and chin, and back.

Tinting $
Eyebrow 13.99
Eyelash 13.99
Waxing $
Full Face 20.99
Half Arm 16.99
Full Arm 25.99
Underarm 13.99
Half Leg 25.99
Full Leg 39.99
Bikini Line 15.99
Brazilian Bikini 35.99
French Bikini 19.99
Eyebrow 12.99
Lip & Chin 9.99
Back 39.99

Visit Us And Get The Pampering Care We Give

Visit Us And Get The Pampering Care We Give


We are proud to offer the best Traditional Chinese Meridian Massage


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