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After a long trend of ever complicated and showy nails, the end of 2017 is making a refreshing return to simpler times. We’re seeing a lot of shorter styles and solid colors. Of course, there are plenty of unique and individualized styles too. Let’s delve in deep to this season’s most desired polish colours and nail shapes.


Metallics – The clear winners this season are sparkling metallic polishes. Gold is reigning high, being paired with solid blocks of colour, or just standing out on its own. With golden accessories also becoming an “in” trend, it makes sense that metallic gold is ruling the scene as well.

Greyscale – Greys are seeing a surge in popularity over black as a hip-yet-edgy choice. We’re seeing a lot of greys in varied intensities from elegant dark grey to fun and youthful light greys. Of course, deep dark black still has its place too. This year’s favorite black seems to be less gloss, more matte, with metallic or blocky color accents.

Fiery Red – The ultimate color of passion and power, shades of red are still a dominant nail colour across the board. This year there seems to be a real obsession with delightfully dangerous blood red. Pairing a glittering metallic gold with red was especially popular at the fall/winter fashion shows this summer.

Nudes – Always a safe choice, peachy pink nude manicures are a great choice that pairs well with most fashions. This is a perfect colour for no-fuss short nails.


Colour Blocks – After seeing so many small detailed designs, the new movement seems to be towards bolder and more grown-up color blocks. Examples include red with chunky white chevron tips and half-nude half-grey diagonal blocks.

Half-moons – Instead of the typical French manicure style, this trend places a crescent of colour at the cuticle with the “tip” taking up most of the nail real estate. One style that’s been a hit this season is completely bare bottom crescents with extended grey tips.

Small Appliques – Another shake-up to previous trends, nail artists are moving back to more manageable accents with small gemstones and beads.

Nail Shapes

Short and Square – This practical and decidedly androgynous style is a joy for those of us that want easy style that’s still on point. We saw runways awash with models with filed-down and squared-off nails decorated with fun blocky colours this year.

Stiletto – At the opposite end of the scale, but still super trendy this year, are the scary and sophisticated stiletto shapes. Gucci is a big promoter of acrylic stilettos this year and it’s become the shape of choice for those wishing to rock a dangerously edgy vibe.

Almond – Like nude polish, almond-shaped nails are always a classy and fashionable choice. 2017 saw almond nails in all the latest colours, from seductively dark reds to shiny glamorous golds.

Oval and Squared – One surprising resurgence this year was the comeback of oval nails with squared tips. Fashion bloggers commented frequently about the unusual choice by runway manicurists, with most praising this departure from the traditional oval shape. Squared ovals were particularly popular when paired with colour block polish and gemstone appliques.