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Protecting your face from ageing too quickly it something that’s been heavily marketed for years.  Pushing you to buy this cream or that serum, all in the name of staying youthful. While some of those expensive products may work over time, not to mention other procedures and treatments like Botox and facelifts, sometimes the easiest and cheapest method is the best. And nothing’s cheaper than the giving yourself a free face massage.

Proper Technique

Starting from the bottom of your face and moving upwards using light pressure, massaging your face can evoke a spa-like level of relaxation you never knew you needed. The face has over 40 muscles throughout it, meaning that by massaging every inch of it, you’re moving underutilized energy in an effective manner. Massaging your face daily can also reduce sinus problems and unwanted puffiness. You know, the puffiness that shows up after a horrible night’s sleep or after one too many burgers from McDonald’s.


Paying special attention to your skin, especially early on in life, gives you a better chance at keeping your skin from ageing as quickly as it would if you did the bare minimum. Massaging your face helps to stimulate the skin tremendously, increasing circulation and drawing blood to the surface of the face, all while creating cell turnover. All this combined makes your skin look refreshed like you just got a facial. Increasing circulation in your skin also helps promote oxygenation in the tissue, which encourages lymphatic drainage. This is what helps to remove toxic stagnation and brain down the scar tissue you thought was permanent.

Other Benefits

We hold a lot of tension in the lower half of our faces. By massaging your face before bed and first thing in the morning, you impart a more toned appearance to your face over the long term. This simple step to your skincare routine releases tension that detoxifies and relaxes the skin. Massaging the face also allows for products to be absorbed more easily. This means that if you are in fact buying facial serums or trying out natural skin care treatments, they may have a better chance of working after a face massage. Unless you have sensitive skin, then you might want to be careful of the produces your letting get absorbed into your skin.

Vancouver’s Comfy Spa provides quality and relaxing massages in a soothing, calm environment. This means you can relax the moment you step into our spa and nail salon. Known for our traditional Chinese meridian massage, the best in town, we also offer relaxation massages, body scrubbing, reflexology and cupping massages. Some benefits to our meridian massage are as follows: relieves stress and tension, relaxes the mind and body, increases blood circulation, helps remove toxic wastes, relieves head, neck and shoulder aches, promotes healing and raises energy levels. Our professionals care for you from the minute you walk in our salon to the minute you leave. We work to make you feel welcomed and relaxed, so call to book an appointment at Comfy Spa today.